Sunday, February 3, 2008

DIY Playstation Portable Usb Charger

Materials Needed

Wire stripper, electrical tape, madcatz psp car charger, and usb cable...optional items...solder gun/solder, and a pair of sharp scissors.

Important Update: The data wires need to be grounded in order for the PSP to charge! Instructions follow.

mad catz car charger for the PSP usb printer cable wire cutters, electrical tape, box cutters

1) Grab all your materials. If using a solder iron/gun plug it in now.

2) Remove the outer shielding of the usb cable. Pull out the tin foil shielding, and reveal the wires.
A naked usb cable! 3) The wires are: red = +5 volts, black = earth (ground), and the two remaining are data cables. The white wire has disappeared because of the paper towel background...=)
Time to strip...! 4) Strip the black (earth/ground), green and white wires (data). Twist them together to form a easy to handle wire.

5) Strip the red (power +5V) wire. Twist it together.
Snip, snip... 6) Grab the car charger. Open it up to reveal two sets of wires, one in white shielding and the other surrounding the white sheilding. Usually when wiring is in this configuration...the inner wire is power while the one surrounding it is a earth wire. Using my voltmeter, I verify this.
Twisty? 7) Strip both wires, and then twist the stranded wire together.
Twisted... 8) Take both usb and charger cables. Join the power to power cable, and the earth to earth cable. Twist them around each other, if you are using solder, join both cables now instead of twisting them together.
Bound in tape! 9) Wrap both wires individually in electrical tape.
Mummy, I'm done! 10) Wrap the whole joint together in electrical tape.

11) Success! I don't have a PSP, but I have tested this with a five volt works! I'd get photos up of my buddy's PSP in motion with this charger soon...!

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