Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Windows vista on your psp

You need to have flash/java/everything enabled on your psp.

Firmware 2.70 or higher.(I recommended the latest since you already upgrading it)

Download from site and extract all contents from the compressed file.

• After you unzip the folder, connect your PSP and the USB cable, click the folder without the zipper on it and click "install" with the black arrow pointing downward and then you put the drive your PSP is in (if you dont know, go to My Computer and it will tell you)

• Press ok, wait two or three minutes and then something will pop up saying "transfer complete" or anything related to that

• Go to the 'Internet Browser' icon under the 'Network' category, and then go to the far left where it says file, and enter adress entry, type in 'file:/pspwxp/index.htm' without quotes and press start (to make it easier, you will have to load the page many times during tasks so set it as your home page)

• A startup should appear


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